Welcome to Kaleku Bush House.

Make your Maasai-Mara experience unique and authentic! Combine private adventure with Nature, away from the lodges mass tourism!

We offer two unique self contained houses, located on the boundary of Nashulai conservancy and minutes away from Maasai-Mara National reserve.

Kaleku bush house is not fenced and wildlife roam freely. The houses are operated by Maasai staff from the nearby village.

Nature lovers, travelers, researchers or writers, who look for comfortable, quiet, private and reasonably priced accommodation: You found your home in Maasai-Mara!

Important  Note

The houses are IN THE BUSH.  Wild animals are there: from Elephants to lizards and spiders.   Before booking, make sure you are Ok with it!


A Paradise
A superb place, very special for people who want to enjoy the Masai Mara experience. Sammy, owner of the lodge and a guide, is excellent in his job with hunter’s senses. I could not have taken the pictures attached without him. He is the best guide (and I had a lot) that I had until now. The lodge’s condition is very good. They define it as a five star , I give them six!!!! The food is vegetarian, delicious! – Thanks a lot to the chef Joseph! All the staff is highly friendly and always cares for all your needs. I highly recommend this place. You will get there and enjoy    (TripAdvisor, 8 Nov 2018)